I re-write more books (mostly for my own amusement)

I really enjoyed re-writing books (far, far easier than attempting to write my own) so I have decided to continue.

Here I re-write some more:

1. Behind the scenes at the Museum

This is a book about a little girl who fights stifling bourgeois constraints by resolutely ignoring the ‘do not enter behind this barrier’ signs and daring to touch the artwork. She also meets the people in charge of writing the little information stickers one finds by each painting. Oddly, when they got their PHD in art history, this was not what they imagined they would be doing.

2. Brighton Rock

This is a bedtime story written by a dentist as a sneaky marketing ploy. Middle class parents will be well aware of the pernicious effects of Brighton rock on children’s teeth; this book was later withdrawn from publication after accusations that it targeted the ‘uneducated’.

3. Atonement

This former Catholic priest was astounded at the sales volumes his book generated, until he realised that it was being bought by a very unsavoury section of the population, looking for ‘advice from the experts’.

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