Other people’s foibles

Things I have noticed this Friday:

1. Someone is putting bits of paper on my desk. Not whole sheets, just scraps. My desk has become the refuge of discarded paper detritus, carelessly squandered once the ‘important’ part of the A4 sheet has been carefully saved. I’m not sure if this is a hint. I’m absolutely sure that when people talk about being overwhelmed by the amount of paper on their desk they are not talking about this.

2. My new colleague is creating a Star Wars arrangement out of little lego pieces on the top of his screen. The top of his screen. He is trying to compress the millions and millions of miles of the Star Wars galaxy onto the 2cm of his screen top. This is possibly the most precarious galaxy in the world. I fear for all those little lightsabers and intricately created helmets. It’s a long drop down. (I mean, it’s obviously not for a real-life human- his screen can only be 60cm off the ground. But one has to think of these things proportionally). Oh look-his latest addition is some lego grass! I was completely wrong! He’s not trying to create the Star Wars galaxy on a 2cm brink. He’s creating the entire real-life galaxy.

3. There are lots of clothes that other people seem to know how to wear. For instance, my friend has this lovely looking cardigan. Except it’s not a cardigan. I’m perfectly sure how to wear a cardigan. This is an amorphous soft grey knitted object, with swathes of excess material and little holes on either side for your arms. It’s the love child of a beautifully constructed blanket and a cardigan, who once looked funnily at a scarf. Anyway, on my friend it looks glorious. On me it looked like I had slung a cashmere tablecloth over myself.

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