The ‘C’ word

‘Don’t mention the C-word around her,’ My friend said, pointing at me. ‘She can’t contain herself.’ I frowned at my friend and the woman he was talking to. ‘I can contain myself perfectly well,’ I responded crossly. ‘I just really like cake.’


I do really like cake, to the extent that I have stopped serving it at my own dinner parties, because nothing says ‘perfect hostess’ like someone who produces a cake for pudding, only to refuse to share it with her guests. (I tried individual cakes, but people thought it was odd when I gave myself 2 and everyone else only 1).  

 Yesterday I texted my flatmate at 6pm to let her know that there were doughnuts. By the time she arrived home there were not. I had bought a bag of 5.

 In entirely unrelated news, I have just signed up to run a 10k for diabetes.  

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