How to save time/ Show people how busy you are

It’s very important to multi-task, especially for someone as busy and in-demand as myself, so I’ve come up with a few things you can do, whilst also doing other things.

1. Household chores whilst cooking.
I trialed this yesterday, when I noticed that Tescos was advising me to cook my stir-fry vegetables for 8 minutes. ‘Well,’ I thought. ‘That’s going to be pretty boring. I might as well pop out and post those letters I need to send.’

Time saved: 7 minutes
Risk to life: high. Though not to mine. To my sleeping housemate, high.

2. Talking on the phone whilst doing household chores
Before doing this, it is important to determine what level of hygenie your flatmates expect when they ask you to ‘clean the bathroom’, because frankly, if you’re on the phone, there’s a whole side of the bath that isn’t going to get cleaned, unless it accidentally gets splashed by rogue water from the bath taps. (I have written before, at length, on my hatred of baths, so personally I feel even turning the taps is really going above-and-beyond)

Time saved: unsure, as I’ve never really cleaned properly, but I’m guessing 4 hours

3. Sending emails on the toilet (number 2, number one is more for tweeting)
The added benefit of this is that you feel like one of those super-high-powered business women. You’re like Condoleezza Rice, only even more impressive, because you are also taking care of your bodaay.

Time saved: A solid 2 minutes.

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