You think you know a person, and then they stay in your home. This last week, I have had one of my closest friends as a houseguest. Here are the things I have discovered:

1. When watching the documentary ‘Africa’, she likes to re-cast the animals shown in it as people we know. I was a turtle. I survived.

2. She does laundry. Actually, I knew this before- when we went travelling around Africa together, we had t-shirts made- mine read ‘the girl who doesn’t do laundry’; so it may be that my point of laundry reference is a little askew.

3. She makes you do things you never thought you would do- like bikram yoga. Which was described to me as ‘yoga, bit hot so you don’t stay long’, but which turned out to be ‘yoga, very hot indeed, lasts 1 hour and a half’.
4. She regularly forgets her Oyster card, and instead waves a library card at the bus sensor, whilst making the beeping sound.

5. Used to the village-like atmosphere of Edinburgh, she has found several things about London a little confusing, and I have saved her life approximately 40,000 times whilst she attempts to cross the road without looking, or talk to strangers on the tube.

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