I am not my Mother’s favourite

One of my favourite games as a child was to ask my parents piercingly revealing questions:

‘We’re on a boat,’ I told them sternly. ‘And it is sinking. You can only save one of us. Who do you save?’

My Father was particularly good at these questions, analysing the situation from all angles, weighing the relative merits of his offspring and spouse before offering a judicious response. My Mother always picked my little sister. ‘OK,’ I said desperately. ‘Let’s say it’s just you, me and Dad. And Dad can swim, but I can’t. Who do you pick?’ ‘Your little sister,’ My Mother would reply without hesitation.

A recent Lakeside Shopping Centre survey shows that 94% of Mothers spend more on their child’s wardrobe than their own. I have no doubt that this is true. What I would be far more interested to know is which child they are spending all this money on.

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