Gentrification (it happened while I was sick)

I went for my first post-pneumonia run yesterday. A couple of things seem to have changed:

1. It is Summer. While the balmy temperatures and excessive sunshine are great, I would probably have appreciated someone warning me of this seasonal change before I put on my usual Nike thermals.

2. There are lots of children.

3. This is ironic, because my neighbourhood has slowly removed all traces of my own childhood. Gone is the sweetshop where I laboriously counted out my £1.10 pocket money (I was 11 years old then, obviously. I saw an above-inflation raise to £1.20 a mere 12 months later) in return for slightly sweaty penny sweets. (Not sold in sweaty condition, but you try holding 110 fizzy cola bottles in your hands).

Also now a fond memory- the video store where I worked out how to illegally rent 15-rated movies. (Enter alone. Walk straight to movie. Pick up movie. Walk to foreign films. Pick up another movie. Walk to counter. Frown. Discard foreign movie. Leave as fast as possible). Thirdly, the library is shut. Apparently, it’s being ‘renovated’, but I think we all know what’s happened. They have finally worked out that I, over a period of 4 years, stole every Mills & Boon novel from their shelves.

It is unlikely it will ever re-open. OK, that’s really all that’s changed, but between those three places you can account for a ⅓ of my life, so it’s fairly harrowing. Also, it makes life terribly difficult for my future biographer*.

4. The local Tescos doesn’t sell Curly-Wurlys.

Curly-Wurlys being the treat that always accompanies the end of illness. Now I probably will have pneumonia for ever.

*Huge yet completely unnecessary concern*

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