Grow Up

I would like to start this post by stating categorically that I really really like pancakes.

(I like eggs and carbs the most, and this combines both of them). I have no issue with sweet or savoury pancakes, thick or thin pancakes, overdone or undercooked pancakes.

If pancakes were a political party or a sexual preference, I would be a card carrying member of their club. What I hate is pancake day. Guess what? You’re a grown up! You get to choose, every single day, what you put into your mouth. You can eat nothing but pancakes all year long if you so choose. Or never let their fluffy, comforting goodness anywhere near you. The only thing you cannot, in good conscience do, is squeal like a 5 year old on Christmas morning over the idea of a day where you can only eat one food product. You people make me look back on Valentine’s Day with nostalgia. And worry terribly about what you will be like on Halloween.

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  1. lol!
    you are hilarious. Just go have a pancake or two or three and stop griping. On a more serious note, since today is pancake day shouldn’t some people be giving away pancakes at the train stations? why hasn’t anybody thought of this?

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