I’m terribly ‘down-to-earth’

I have decided to model my outward appearance on Angelina Jolie in ‘The Tourist’:

I imagine this will result in higher dry-cleaning bills, but as a young professional living in London, I can’t help but think how suitable this outfit will be. For instance, I could store my Oyster card permanently in my gloves. I would probably save 3 seconds per tube journey. (As the new ASDA adverts state, ‘that can really add up’). I’m a little worried about the size of her clutch, but with my fearsome cape I doubt anyone would try to steal my laptop. Unfortunately I woke up this morning and realised I didn’t have any clean tights (what do you MEAN, those are her BARE legs? Where are the BRUISES?), so I’ve had to resort to my usual Tuesday outfit. However, I have noticed in interviews that the Jolie-Pitts are a very ‘down to earth’ family, and therefore I am dedicating today’s lunch to them:

Don’t worry. It comes out of the tin, and looks like this:

I imagine Shiloh has been looking forward to her lunch all day.

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