Travels with my Mother

I’m currently on holiday with my Mother. So far, she has fallen head over heels for the hose that stands by every Bangladeshi toilet. “It’s so clean and fresh! I simply must install one in London. You can get them in London, you know. I asked, when I saw them in Qatar. Yes, they’re in Qatar too! Isn’t it fabulous! I must talk to our designer”. There are so many things I’d like to say to this. She has also taken it upon herself to verbally sensor the adverts she sees. “It’s a Muslim country! Why are the girls showing their hair? This is much too racy.” (It’s a shampoo advert). Today, we went on a private tour. My Mother used this opportunity to respond to all of our guide’s polite questions with impenetrable moral dilemmas. “You like Bangladesh?” “I came to Bangladesh not expecting much, but since I have been here I have been greatly surprised at the pleasure this trip has afforded me. I am concerned, however, that your women swim fully clothed, and that learning to swim seems to be a privilege only for the rich. There is also an alarming amount of corruption here, which must be anathema to a flourishing economy. Do you feel these issues are holding Bangladesh back?” “You like my country?”

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  1. I am not sure why you have been so kind to our mother here. She is clearly much worse than this.

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