First impressions

I don’t know why people place such importance on first impressions. The first time I meet somebody new what I’m mostly thinking is, “does this person realise how funny I am?” If it looks like they haven’t, I like to point it out. “Yeah, that was me, I know- that joke was ridiculously funny and apt. I mean, it comes pretty naturally to me, to be honest. I’m extremely funny.” I just don’t like initial meetings to be awkward. I like to put people at ease (I’m a nice person). Plus I think it’s good to be honest and up-front. “Yes, of course I’d like to be friends. But no, your jokes are not as good as mine. In fact, sometimes when I laugh at your jokes I’m just re-playing an earlier quip of my own. Oh, also I might not have that much time to hang out as I actually have a lot of other friends. However at dinner parties that I can attend I will regale you with stories of parties you weren’t invited to. And have seconds.”

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