Monday mornings

To be honest, Monday mornings don’t fuss me. I mean, I’m not one of those terrifying people who bound out of bed to greet the new week (I hate those people actually- their bounding always jostles me as I’m trying to sleep), but I definitely don’t think Monday mornings are the worst. Wednesday, that’s where The Bangles ought to have focused their attention. Wednesday is rubbish. It’s still a good three days from the weekend (unlike Thursday and Friday, which are basically the weekend*). You’ve already slogged through Monday and Tuesday, and now you have to get up and go into the office again? I realise that my weekly surprise at this does show a somewhat below average experience to learning ratio, but what can I say? I’m perennially optimistic. One Wednesday I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be Friday. Or a mid-week bank holiday. Or my boss will call and say, ‘Don’t come in til 10 today, Wednesday mornings are the worst’. Or I will find an E.T. like-figure cowering in my wardrobe and suddenly be so excited I won’t even care that it’s a Wednesday morning. I’m just saying, there are many options. Plus I read in a magazine that it’s important not to get stuck into a routine. So I check my room very carefully before leaving in the morning. Because the last thing you want to come home to is a dead E.T. That’d be the worst re-imagining of a childhood classic ever. I bet even Russell Brand wouldn’t touch it.

*Please don’t tell my boss this is how I view 2 of my 5 working days


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2 responses to “Monday mornings

  1. Moira O'Hara

    I remember that watch

    V. dirty

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