Excessively middle-classed

The gym is making me excessively middle-classed:

1. Yesterday I was irritated because the lady in front of me was filling her water bottle from the ‘chilled’ tap so I had to make do with ‘ambient’.

2. I considered writing a letter of complaint because the steam room’s ‘essence of the day’ has been the same all week.

3. On Monday, for no apparent reason, I took 5 towels. Even if I used one for every individual limb, I would still have had an excess towel.

4. Sometimes, the carefully chosen playlist that is pumped out over the gym speakers clashes with my own artfully selected iPod tracks

5. My Monday morning yoga class finished 5 minutes late. That threw out my entire pre-work routine. I know my hair-drying suffered. No-one said anything, but that’s just common politeness.

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