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I’m having a bad day

Today has not started very well. We didn’t win the pub quiz, and my little sister and I are playing ‘it’ with the heating, so I woke up freezing at about 4.30am, my friends have gone for a run but I am on deadline so am sitting at home panicking about them becoming skinnier and faster than me, and I just burnt my tongue on my herbal tea. Oh, and I’m drinking herbal tea. Things couldn’t be much bleaker, all things considered.

I’ve started playing with Eric, my little artist’s mannequin, and found myself apologizing to him for not having found a nice artist mannequin lady for him to play with.

It is quite possible that I should be less worried about my friends’ newfound fitness, and more about my encroaching dementia. Luckily, I’ve finally worked out how to balance Eric so that he looks like he’s flying. So things may be looking up. (Not for Eric though- he’s seconds away from certain death).

I am wondering what I can do to improve today-I imagine I’ll have some time remaining once I’ve planned Eric’s (poorly attended) funeral, and my Mother always says that the best way to feel happier is to do something for someone else. I have thought long and hard about what I can do, personally, to make the world a better place. I have decided, therefore, that I will devote the rest of today to making the perfect pancake.

Not only will this help my name to go down in culinary history, it will mean I have an endless supply of pancakes, and will help to fatten up my friend in the name of ‘science’. Really, I’m feeling much cheerier already.

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