How to reply to emails

I hate emails, but having puzzled over my hatred of them for some time now, I’ve realized that it’s because I’m not very good at them. I can’t think of nice things to write in reply, I never send what I think of as extraneous ‘confirmation’ emails, and the sign-off and title issues flummox me. But I’ve started doing a new thing with emails, and I think it’s improving everything. Nowadays, I’m providing, in written form, my real-time reactions to reading other people’s emails, just before my actual, also written response. Let me explain:



I’m excited for the theater this eve. Let’s meet at 7ish for dinner before- say outside the theatre? I hope I don’t fall asleep during the play, am hungover- last night was a work event with a free bar, OOOPS




OOH ME TOO OK but I will have a snack first as sometimes I get hungry post-school oh no that is far too nebulous a place to meet I am bad at picking people out of crowds and what is this ‘ish’? WHAT NO WHY oh not because I am boring cool oh no poor you huge sympathy for hangover ooh work event sounds glamorous WHAT FREE BAR IM SO JEALOUS oh too many kisses weirdo

 Sure, sounds great. See you at 7pm by main entrance to theatre. Hope you feel better! X

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