Rules for eating

‘We should try this new restaurant,’ My friend suggested innocently. ‘Perhaps we could invite a few other people and pop along next weekend.’ ‘We could,’ I replied dubiously. ‘Or we could do this.’ And I sent her an email with the newly minted charter of the recently incorporated supper club. ‘OK,’ She replied, slightly confused. ‘Well, let’s pick a date and invite some fun people.’ ‘We need rules,’ I replied. ‘A set of rules, and expectations and guidelines for behaviour.’  My friend didn’t respond, so I wrote up the club rules myself:

1. Shared bills only. There is to be no fighting over who drank what/ didn’t have a starter. Take your chances or don’t come.
2. We tip. 
3. Arrive on time or we’ll start without you. No one person is important enough for us to lose our table.
My friend still hasn’t replied, which I assume means she is adding a series of vital sub-clauses and punitive measures to our club charter.  There’s really nothing better than organised fun. I can only imagine how exciting the invite-process is sure to be. ‘We must have a proper system for inviting people,’ I emailed my friend. ‘In case we are overwhelmed.’ ‘I’m really not sure that’s going to be a problem,’ She replied. She’s right, of course. I’ve already started the spreadsheet. 

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