The 5 worst Xmas gifts

I had so planned on trudging about all day yesterday, finding everyone the perfect gift. Unfortunately, it was raining, so instead I bought all my Christmas presents from my armchair, working my way through most of the edible food in our flat.

Here, in no particular order, are the worst gifts I have known people to receive:

1. A group of 10 sessions with a personal trainer. I did, in fact, warn the giver of this (unasked for) gift that the receiver would take it as an indication that they were fat. ‘Oh no,’ The giver assured me blithely. ‘He will love it.’
2. The advantage points off their partner’s Boots advantage card.

3. A homemade glasses case. (They don’t wear glasses. And it was ugly. And made by me, badly, aged 6 1/2).
4. A ‘best of Mister Mr’ CD. (Yes, as you would expect. They had to bulk up most of the CD with endless re-mixes of ‘Broken Wings’)

5. A doorstopper. Don’t ask, I have absolutely no idea what my friend was thinking. Neither did his girlfriend.

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