Vote, and stop hating Santa

4 years ago, I stayed up until we knew that Obama had won. It was awesome.

Tonight, I am old. I will be going to bed by 11pm, (or 10pm, if I’m particularly lucky), so must take this, my very last opportunity, to tell everyone that they must vote.

I care who runs America in the same way that I care about protecting the myth of Santa for under 5-year olds. It is tremendously important, but has very little impact on my actual, day-to-day life. Yet, having been not-at-all-sheltered by my own parents, who loudly fought for the right to ‘go to bed’ and ‘not be bloody Santa’, I feel vehemently that this is something that needs to be protected.

So, if you can, vote. Or else you hate Santa.

*And obviously everyone must vote for whoever they so desire. Although I heard that Romney hates Santa.*

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