I am the best housemate ever

I have started living with my little sister, which is great. This morning, I woke up at 7.15am (it’s this new thing I’m trying- but it’s much worse than getting up at 11am, so I’m stopping it immediately), and wandered into my sister’s room. ‘Hello!’ I said. ‘I’m asleep,’ She groaned. ‘But I have a very bad tummy ache,’ I said, clambering into her bed. ‘And you’re a doctor. Please make it go away.’ ‘Please make you go away,’ She replied rudely. ‘And give me back some duvet.’

I slept happily next to my little sister until she began blow-drying her hair impossibly loudly.

‘Ssh,’ I said crossly. ‘I am trying to sleep.’ The hair-dryer was so loud that my sister didn’t even hear me, and was unable to respond or stop blow-drying her hair.

‘Wake up,’ She shouted loudly the second the hair-dryer had stopped attacking my ears. ‘I’m awake,’ I protested sleepily.

I subtly slid the duvet over my head to convince her of the verity of this statement.

‘What are you doing today?’ She asked absent-mindedly. ‘What are you  doing today?’ I asked in reply. ‘Lucy,’ She said firmly. ‘You cannot continue to follow me around. It’s weird.’ ‘I’m just trying to be a good housemate,’ I replied crossly. ‘Have you sorted out the internet yet?’ She asked, irritably. ‘Well, no,’ I replied slowly. ‘But McDonalds has free Wifi. And chips. ‘ ‘I do not want to work in McDonalds,’ My little sister replied grumpily. ‘Me neither,’ I replied, quickly hiding the awesome new toys I have gained from my daily Happy Meals.

I have started living with my little sister, which is great. At least, it is for me.

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