In which I am a better wedding planner than J Lo

(For those of you who haven’t been keeping up- two of my best friends are getting married, I’m pretty sure they’re going to ask me to be the wedding planner, here is my manifesto)

1. Wedding Singer

Invaluable. I will do it for them.

2. Free Bar


3. Location, location, location

I’ll leave this up to them, but as long as there’s a substantial sized bar and a good platform for me to sing from, I’ll be happy.

4. Dress Code

This depends on location, but I usually advocate something Donna Karen calls the ‘all-day outfit’, which is demure enough for the church service and exciting enough for the reception.

(It’s pretty much a slutty dress, with a cardigan. To ‘transform’ the outfit, remove cardigan).

5. Speeches

Often the low point of any occasion, I will generously offer to ‘sacrifice myself’ and make them all. I am particularly looking forward to the Father of the Bride speech.

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