My new office

I’m always looking for new places to work. (For a while I thought I’d nailed it when I brought my laptop into my bed, but actually all I’d achieved was being asleep more hours than I was awake). This morning I popped to the library to return a book and take out another one. (I don’t want to boast, but I’ve really got this library thing down). On my way back, I noticed that my local pub was curiously empty. The tables outside it, usually filled with ‘friends I just haven’t met yet’, gleamed invitingly in the sunlight. There was a little sticker on the window: free wifi available here. I rushed home.

My front door was open, which was unusual, but not unknown. (Sometimes I’m in a hurry). ‘Hello!’ my builder greeted me cheerfully. ‘Oh hello!’ I said. ‘How nice to see you.’ ‘I have plugged my iPhone into your laptop,’ my builder informed me. ‘Oh,’ I said. I wondered briefly if I could take my builder’s iPhone with me to my new office, ‘the pub’. I didn’t really know what the protocol was for these types of situations. (It reminded me of the week I was convinced my cleaner was washing her knickers in my washing machine. I knew it wasn’t usual, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth making a fuss about). I decided to make some food while I considered what to do. (Winter has really upset my eating habits. Yesterday I made dinner at 5pm because it was dark, so I assumed it was 7.30pm. It’s good preparation for being an OAP I guess, but is wreaking havoc on my body clock).

I prepared myself a nice bowl of pasta for what I have re-termed ‘morning feed’. (I’m nothing if not elegant). As I was eating it I thought about how I could make my escape to the office. I realised that I’d need to bring my laptop charger with me (and possibly my builder’s iPhone, which was still cozily plugged into my laptop). My local is very nice, but I wasn’t sure they’d installed outdoor electricity points. I’d have to sit inside. My new office was suddenly a lot less about sitting outside in the sunshine, and more about sitting inside an empty pub in the middle of the day. I retired to my former office to have a nap and reconsider my options.

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