There’s always time for fun

I try to take those double decker tourist buses as much as possible. It is unfortunate that they only really stop at major tourist attractions, so I spend a great deal of time walking from Buckingham Palace to my gym. (Which is in Soho. And when I say ‘gym’, I mean this great sandwich shop). The point is (and I have ample time to consider and refine my position as I walk from the Tower of London), that tourists shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun. Neither, for that matter, should children. I would like to talk today about re-appropriation.


You will know from yesterday’s blog that I am somewhat concerned about my sluttish therapist. I am a pragmatic person (I would try to be a caring person but that really seems like a lot of work) and have therefore alighted upon a practical solution. This very fetching duck hamper. Let me explain. You place this charming duck hamper in the corner of the room (or the center, if you are so inclined). At the end of the day, you remove your clothes and while holding them in one hand, with the other hand unzip the top of this duck. Its head then cheerily falls backwards, and it opens its gullet to receive your dirty garments. Who says housework can’t be fun?

2. If this endearing duck hamper does not appeal (I know some short-sighted people will not have included neon yellow into their bedroom colour scheme), may I suggest this:

It’s a basketball hamper! You stand on the other side of your bedroom and perform an elaborate strip-sport! Like I said, we mustn’t let the kids have all the fun.

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  1. Teddy Baker

    Since when did you become an American.
    Been spending too much time around Nina perhaps…
    You’ll be speaking with a funny accent soon enough I suspect.

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